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1. Honing of mental Capabilities
Proper performance of any classical dance requires the harmonious coordination between the hand and the feet, coupled with the projection of the appropriate facial expressions in consonance with the rhythm, melody and mood of the song being performed. The learning of the classical dance thus enables the students to expediently process the music and rhythms in her mind and to synchronise her senses and movements with them. Such coordination and synchronisation manifests in a harmonised and smooth flowing performance. Hence, classical dance increases the ability to concentrate, betters mental capabilities and increases the mind to body coordination of the student.

2. Character Development
The study of classical dance and excelling in it is not an overnight affair. Attaining appreciable levels of expertise in any classical dance requires years of dedication, commitment, practice, self-correction and maturity of thought and expression. The process of learning classical dance itself consolidates the personality of the student and enhances the strength of character by embellishing attributes of patience, self-discipline and perseverance in the student. This in turn helps the student achieve same level of commitment and dedication to all other pursuits of her life and to realise her dreams and aspirations

3. Moral and Religious Values
Classical dance performances generally centre around the portrayal of lives of god and goddesses, mythological episodes and the teachings of religious scriptures. Such portrayals not only imbibe positive moral values in the performers but also propagate conscientious social and religious beliefs with the audience. The performer of the classical dance functions as a messenger for the teachings of the omnipotent and in discharging her role as such she nears the attainment of self-actualisation goals.

4. Meditative Qualities
The rendering of an intense and vigorous performance of any classical dance tantamount to a formof meditation which introduces the student to higher plane of mental being and helps her attain unison with the Almighty.

5. Physical Fitness
Dance is essentially a language of the body. Its expression demands proper form, posture and grace… which are the basic rules that have to be followed in order to render a fundamentally correct performance. Its performance involves the utilisation of every muscle of the body and thus incidentally provides an entertaining and energetic form of cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

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