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This research study by Ms. Rashmi Khanna was published in the UGC approved journal STOM in its 2024 special issue.


This research study aims to investigate the composition of the Hindolam Tillana by Guru KJ Govindarajan, a valuable composer in the field of Bharatanatyam. While many dancers still perform age-old tillanas, there are few who know about the compositions of Guru K J Govindarajan. This document employs an analytical approach, including qualitative research techniques including interviews and additional references like scholarly journals and written works. It examines the complex rhythms, tonal framework, and the relationship between musical components and dance movements in the Tillana composed By Guru K J Govindarajan, with a specific focus on exploring the choreographic opportunities it presents for Bharatanatyam dancers. It offers a basic overview of Bharatnatyam, its historical beginnings, and the breakdown of Tillana into three basic divisions (opening, middle and finale sections) is explored. The musical analysis centres on the melodic framework and its cyclic rhythm. The choreographic analysis breaks down the symmetric possibilities in creating the dancer’s motion, physical expressions, and spatial organisation. By examining the composition from both musical and dance perspectives, this research seeks to improve the comprehension and effectiveness of the tillana, to encourage collaborative efforts among music performers and dancers and to create a more captivating audience engagement.

The entire research paper is available on Page 92 of STOM-2024 (special issue).


‘STOM’ is a peer-reviewed yearly print-in published journal. Their peer-review team – consisting of eminent educationalists – revise all the manuscripts before publication. It is a research journal of Music, Fine Arts and other Performing Arts – thus, covering the whole field. It’s main aim is Education and Art. It covers the research studies concerning Art and its interdisciplinary branches.



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