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Touch, to me, has always meant love, compassion and support. It reminds me of my mother, who was and is, a constant in my life. It means friendship, it means easing away pain and sorrows. The greatest healer in life can sometimes be just the human touch.

Touch is a symbol of an unbreakable bond which, even for a fleeting moment, can give you the strength of a lifetime when you think you are beyond saving and might be facing your darkest hour.

In my life, I have been surrounded by the touch of loved ones, physically as well as emotionally.

It brings about a huge range of emotions in me. I gain empathy by the kindness of touch, arousal by the possessiveness of touch, sorrow by the lack of touch, anger by the violent touch, disgust by the violating touch and surrender by the spiritual touch.

Touch, is a part of everyone’s life. A casual handshake can become the start of a great friendship, a pat on the back can encourage you to work harder to achieve your dreams, a shove can crush your desires, a caress can ignite love, a tight hug can assure you that things will get fine, a prayer can make you feel touched by god.

So what is touch? Any physical feeling or emotional connect that can bring about a change in your life is a touch. It can make you. It can break you. It can honour you, it can violate you. It can make you selfish, it can make you selfless. It can help you transcend, it can embroil you in materialistic pursuits forever….

Today, as the world stands, in the midst of a great pandemic, touch, has suddenly gained so much importance, precisely because of the deprivation of it. People are deliberately attempting to avoid touch. Even those who would want to can’t. Those who don’t want to are unable to avoid it. Suddenly, we are so aware of it, or better said, by the lack of it. But if we go beyond the physicality of it all, we need to reach out and extend our help and service to those who need it most in numerable ways and hence, establish, a new touch, a new connection of brotherhood, community service and love.

This is the true selfless touch which shall come as the saviour for humanity, as it will bring together many hearts and souls together, for a better tomorrow.

It must transcend beyond religion, politics, status or any other discrimination created by man, if we want mankind to survive. We must exist in harmony with nature, in harmony with each other. This touch of goodness, to live and let live, is the only touch that matters most today…

People will come and people will go. What will remain is how many lives they touched and how…

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