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5. Samanakham(level nails)

Karou cha apipralimbithau
Deha: swabhavikoyatrabhavethsamanakhamthuthath

This Karana includes standing in Samapada, i.e., legs straight and touching each other, with the hands let down on both sides in Latato maintain symmetry. The body is held in a normal straight position.

Since this Karana involves the Samapada, it is usually used in the beginning of Nritta.

6. Linam(Inserted)

Nikunchithaamsakutam cha thallinamKaranamsmritham

In this Karana, both hands are held in Anjali hasta in front of the chest and the shoulders are slightly raised and pulled back.

This represents an ardent request. Some scholars believe that the last part of the Alarippucan be traced back to this Karana. When the Anjali is held at different positions, it is depicts different things.

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