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11. Katicchinham(Split Waist)

Paryayassa: Katischinnabahvo: sirasipallavau
Puna: punaschaKaranamkatichinhamthuthadbhaved

The movement involves moving the hips from side to side with the hands held above the head in Pallava Mudra. This Karana involves the movement being repeated for at least two to four times.
Its usage is generally recommended for the depiction of wonder.

12. Ardharechita(Half Whirl)

Apaviddha: kara: soochyapadaschaivanikuttiha:
Sannathamyatraparscam cha thadbhavedardharechitham

This Karana involves the free movement of the hands in Soochimukha Hasta. The feet are moved up and down alternatively and kept on the side in the Sannatapose.
The usual suggestion is to use this Karana for the representation of an improper attitude of a fool.

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