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Similar to the types of neck movements or eye movements the types or walks or gaits also known as Chaari Bheda, are also documented in the Natya shastra.

The shlokam for the chaari bheda is as follows:

Athaatra chaaribhedaanaam lakshanam kathyate mayaa
Aadou tu chalanam proktam prashchaacham kramanam tathaa
Saranam vegini chaiva kuttanam cha tataha param
Luthitam lolitam chaiva tato vishamasancharaha
Chaaribhedaa amee ashtou proktaa bhartavedibhihi

According to Bharata’s Natya Shastra, there are 8 types of Chaari or gait. They are:

  1. Chalana Chaari (Walking): Taking a step forward from the original position, ie, walking forward is chalana.
  2. Chakramaana Chaari: (Making a leap): After leaping in the air, stretch each leg sideways alternatively. This is chakramana
  3. Sarana Chaari (Moving): Holding both hands in pataka, keeping the feet in samapada and moving sideways, like a leech, is sarana.
  4. Vegini Chaari (Running): Holding alapadma and tripataka alternatively and moving very fast on the heels, toes or the entire sole is Vegini.
  5. Kuttana Chaari (Pounding): Beating the legs forcefully on the ground with the heels, toes or soles is kuttana.
  6. Luthita Chaari (Rolling): Standing in swastika mandala, and then rolling out the foot to kuttana chaari is luthita.
  7. Lolita Chaari (Trembling): After doing kuttana chaari the foot is moved slowly, without touching thr ground. This is Lolita.
  8. Visama Chaari (Rough walking): Setting the left foot to the right of the right foot and setting the right foot to the left of the left one and walking thus is Visama.

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