KARANA 7 & 8

7. Swasthikarechitham (whirling cross)

Yatrathathkaranamjneyambudhai: swasthikarechitham

This Karana begins with both hands being crossed and held in Swastikam Hasta at the chest. The hands are then rotated, separated and placed on the waist.
It is usually used to depict joy and beauty, and has the characteristics of Manipuri, Odissi and Kathakali.

8. Mandalaswasthikam (Crossed Region)

Thatha cha mandalamsthanam

In this Karana, the body position is in Mandala Sthanakam. Along with this, the hands are held in Swastikam with the palms facing up and towards the audience.
Depending on the force of the movement, this Karana can be used in the depiction of ignoring, insulting or slighting.